Solar Photovoltaics 

GIA’s cutting-edge solar photovoltaics service revolutionises the industry with improved accuracy in energy production estimation and payback cost analysis. Designed for large-scale deployment in complex urban environments, our service seamlessly incorporates local climate considerations and overcomes shading complexities. Our technology ensures rapid delivery without compromising accuracy.

This solution is designed to empower a diverse range of stakeholders, including government bodies, energy departments, local authorities, and private/institutional asset managers. By providing precise data and insights, we enable informed decision-making for sustainable energy policies and optimised solar energy investments.

We are proud to announce winning a research call from the Northern Ireland Department for the Economy. In collaboration with Belfast City Council, we are actively scaling solar PV assessment across Belfast. Our dedication to sustainability has been recognised as Highly Commended in the 2023 Climate Initiative of the Year category at the Belfast Telegraph Property Awards, read more here.

City-wide or borough-wide Solar potential assessment

Portfolio Solar potential review

Energy production, system costs and payback estimates

Solar energy grants implementation strategy

Solar PV impacts studies (BRE 2022)

Solar PV glare studies

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