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The future of Daylight & Sunlight and Rights of Light is here. Scheme optimisation in less than 60 minutes.

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In just one meeting with the project team, we can run Daylight & Sunlight feasibility studies and Wind risk analysis in order to understand amenity impacts for a development.

Live, visual analysis of Daylight & Sunlight and Overshadowing in accordance with the BRE guidance. Phoenix also identifies Rights of Light risks, highlighting potential for injunctions and quantifying budgets using a compensation calculator.

Design, amend and understand your scheme in detail, in context and real time

  • Import or create your massing
  • Quantify the building area
  • Understand the Daylight & Sunlight impacts
  • Realise your development envelope
  • Define the amenity space and run instant analysis
  • Identify Rights of Light risk
  • Highlight potential for injunctions
  • Quantify budgets using a compensation calculator.

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