A principal practice in light, its implications in design and its effects on its neighbours. We provide a more creative, lateral approach. By challenging current thinking, we deliver incisive and fresh solutions for every project on which we consult.

“Without hesitation, I would recommend GIA as they are unequivocally the leading innovators in their industry. While the BRE Guidelines are a good starting point, it’s clear that in a city which is constantly evolving and developing, context is king when considering daylight and sunlight. Their approach goes far beyond a simple numerical calculation of light. Instead their market-leading research and technology has allowed them to pioneer new ways to interpret and present a tricky subject matter to understand what the change of light is likely to be experientially. By way of example, this unique approach allowed them to produce a persuasive and successful narrative for the Inspector at a recent inquiry for which GIA produced exceptionally impressive evidence”.

Christopher Katkowski QC , Landmark Chambers
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Thought leaders and initiators

At GIA, we channel our culture of curiosity, creativity and discovery into everything we do. Our research and new ways of approaching current planning guidelines puts us in the optimum position to advise clients.

“GIA is a team who understand the built environment.
They proactively assess the development opportunity and understand our aspiration in a visionary way.”

Guiding Light publication

Our 2017 publication which provides a contextual approach to Daylight and Sunlight guidance for dense urban environments.

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Daylight and Density publication

Our 2018 publication which discusses the application of the housing SPG on daylight.

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Daylight and Sunlight presentation

Senior Partner, Simone Pagani, presents new ways of interpreting Daylight and Sunlight guidance.

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Challenging the guidelines

Through our research and fresh thinking, we challenge many of the current planning guidelines. We minimise risk and maximise value, providing our clients with essential services for a successful development.

“GIA is leading the way in influencing London policy in a pragmatic and positive way, challenging conventional thinking towards densification, demonstrably improving the optimisation of Land in London”.

Attzaz Rashid Head of Design, BARRATT LONDON

Camden Goods Yard

A rigorous two-and-a-half-year project, producing a pioneering approach to density and daylight.

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100 Leadenhall

Increasing density in the City of London led to this project requiring many of our assessments from a very early stage.

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Detailed contextual planning was required to finally gain planning for this project on appeal.

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Creative thinking for planning success

Every development is unique, meaning every project needs a bespoke, strategic response. We look beyond the formulaic linear process, redefining our role by providing essential insights that are creative and holistic in their approach.

“GIA excels in helping the client and the Local Planning Authority understand the interdependencies and cumulative impacts associated with multiple tall buildings in close proximity to each other.”

Nick Crawford, LBS Properties

The Final Show at Earls Court

Masterplanning was crucial for the neighbouring properties to gain planning consent in this multi-billion pound development.

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Cracking the Shell Centre

Planning for offices, homes, retail units and community gardens near Waterloo shows how urban density and amenity work together to produce better use of land available.

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Deansgate Square Manchester

The tallest buildings in Manchester required extensive local studies to gain final planning permission.

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PropTech Pioneers

As co-founders and developers of VU.CITY, GIA has access to the largest and most accurate city model in the world. We also develop award-winning bespoke apps that bring data and the 3D environment together. 

“Only very rarely do I come across a product that when I first see it I’m left wondering how we ever coped without it – VU.CITY is one of those products”.

Graeme Craig Commercial Development Director TfL, Transport for London


A revolutionary tool for architects, developers, advisors and the public sector.

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VSC Tool

Real-time, accurate VSC calculations.

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Whitechapel App

A fully interactive contextual planning iPad app.

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