Our Mission

Revolutionising our industry by passionately and creatively tackling challenges in the built environment.

A holistic approach to planning and development

Over the last 30 years we have provided advice and analysis on some of the most high-profile developments in London, the UK, Ireland and globally. Passionate about tackling challenges in the built environment, we approach consultancy differently, using technology and creativity to find solutions where others see unsolvable problems.


Our Values

Blending experience, intelligence and technology

We deliver incisive solutions to help understand and visualise both the risk and potential of development sites across the UK. From bespoke analysis to influencing planning policy, we consistently challenge received opinion and champion creative solutions. 


A brief history

GIA was established on 15th November 1993 at 6 Langley Street, Covent Garden. In the early days, former Chairman Gordon Ingram ran the business with the help of his mother Janet. They started operating on a small-scale with just two desks, a filing cabinet, and a computer.

The business quickly grew , first moving next door, then to Drury Lane, and finally to The Whitehouse on the Southbank, where we are based today. Daylight and Sunlight specialists in a basement office with little natural light was always going to be a talking point and so to bring life and movement into the space we installed one of the largest fish tanks in London.

During the pandemic, we took the opportunity to completely overhaul our office space, recognising the impact that a well-designed workspace can have on employee wellbeing and productivity. When we reopened our doors in March 2022, our team was greeted by a revitalised and state-of-the-art office environment.

With effect from 6 October 2023, we have transferred our business from GIA (The Partnership) to GIA Surveyors Ltd (registered number: 140362506). GIA Surveyors Ltd is incorporated in England & Wales with its registered office address at The Whitehouse, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8GA. More information can be found at Companies House. We undertook this reorganisation to streamline the manner in which we operate our business and you can read more about that here.

“GIA is a team who understand the built environment. They proactively assess the development opportunity and understand our aspiration in a visionary way”

Sir Stuart Lipton, Lipton Rogers Developments LLP

“GIA excels in helping the client and the Local Planning Authority understand the interdependencies and cumulative impacts associated with multiple tall buildings in close proximity to each other”

Nick Crawford, LBS Properties

“GIA effortlessly collaborate with us and our consultant teams to improve the amenity within our developments adding real value both financially and in terms of the wellbeing of future occupants. They are a pleasure to work with and an invaluable part of our teams”

Attzaz Rashid, Head of Design, Barratt London

“GIA’s market-leading research and technology has allowed them to pioneer new ways to interpret and present a tricky subject matter to understand what the change of light is likely to be experientially. This unique approach allowed us to produce a persuasive and successful narrative for the Inspector at a recent inquiry for which GIA produced exceptionally impressive evidence.”

Christopher Katkowski, QC, Landmark Chambers

“GIA has provided invaluable advice throughout the masterplanning and detailed design phases of one our key strategic projects in London. Their ability to combine strategic guidance with detailed analysis and design solutions has enabled us to progress with confidence through the various stages of the project”

Fergus Evans, Project Director, Grosvenor