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Daylight & Sunlight

Natural light is something we all appreciate instinctively, yet it is difficult to measure. Over the last 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to accurately measuring light in the built environment, pioneering innovative techniques to clearly and effectively illustrate its changes. Our expertise allows us to inform the design process, helping our clients minimise the impact on others while maximising the quality of life within their proposed developments.

Daylight & Sunlight are not only crucial aspects of the planning process and urban densification, but they also lie at the heart of energy and carbon reductions and contribute to human wellbeing. That’s why we are passionate about studying, practicing, and sharing our knowledge of natural light.

When it comes to optimising lighting conditions and maximising the benefits of natural light in your developments, we can assist you in achieving the optimal outcome for your project.

Feasibility Studies for Daylight & Sunlight

Masterplanning for Daylight & Sunlight

Daylight & Sunlight Assessments on Neighbours and within Proposed Developments

Transient Overshadowing and Sun Hours on Ground Assessments

Climate Based Daylight Modelling

Tree Impact Assessments

Radiance Assessments

Light Pollution Assessments

Solar Glare Assessments

Solar Convergence Assessments

Photovoltaic Assessments

Daylight & Sunlight Contextual Research

Daylight Credits for BREEAM and Well Standards

Development Envelopes and Massing Optimisation

Consultation & Reporting for Planning

Consultation & Reporting for Environmental Impact Assessments

Expert Witness at Public Inquiry

Advisor to Public Bodies

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