Elephant Park’s Plot H1 secures Inspector approval

Lendlease’s Elephant Park has achieved a major milestone with Plot H1 gaining Inspector approval at Appeal. This marks a momentous occasion for the Elephant & Castle neighbourhood, with the H1 Offices promising to be a new focal point, combining accessibility, an active ground floor, and a pioneering approach to sustainability and wellbeing. The H1 building will complete the Masterplan started more than 10 years ago.

The Inspector’s Decision, following a rigorous process, included valuable perspectives that will certainly influence the trajectory of development in the future. Considering daylight and sunlight, the Inspector highlights two key points – a commitment to inclusivity and community welfare and the need for site-specific judgement.

1.  “The living conditions of residents of studio flats, bedsits, or temporary accommodation are just as worthy of protection as those of residents of more permanent and/or substantial forms of accommodation.”

This underscores a commitment to inclusivity and community welfare. 

2. “I consider reading across to impacts that have been found acceptable by colleague Inspectors, Councils, or the GLA, in relation to different developments on different sites across London to be fraught with difficulties. The ‘judgement’ stage of the process will always involve balancing impacts against other factors or benefits and that balance will be different in every case. A comparison between the decisions in relation to developments at the Whitechapel Estate7 and Albert Embankment8 amply demonstrates that.”

The Appeal process, which was intense and rewarding, stands as a testament to the intricacies inherent in urban development. The outcome of this process is poised to shape not only the future of Elephant Park but also contribute to a broader understanding of sustainable and inclusive urban planning.

For those interested in the comprehensive report detailing the Inspector’s decision, it is available here.


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