Protect your the value of your investment with a Light Obstruction Notice

As part of your development plans, you might be neglecting one major issue that could slash the value of your real estate asset. It’s time to protect and optimise the value of your investment. Our in-house lawyer, Madeleine Harper explains how:

Whether you’re a developer, investor or managing assets on behalf of your clients, this is important to hear – and act on! We’re talking about Light Obstruction Notices. 

In development, time can be your best friend but also your worst enemy. However, our team can help you turn that around – potentially saving millions of pounds in the process, and protecting the development potential of your asset in the future. 

This may not even be an issue for now, but its time to plan ahead and be intelligent to the development potential of your site now and in the years to come. 


Rights of Light and Planning are undoubtably the two biggest issues that developers must contend with in an urban context. A Right to Light is absolute, and yet there is a way of addressing this through a Light Obstruction Notice.  A LON is the one process that enables the law to protect the development potential of an asset now and in the future, well, for 19 years at least!

Traditionally, surveyors identify properties where a LON can be served and notify lawyers – this can take time – which is not always on your side. GIA’s vision is all about unlocking potential for a better environment. With all our services under one roof, the process of identification and protection of your development is seamless.

The process can be complex, but with our expertise in Rights of light and law, we are the only specialist combined service in country – technical and legal expertise together. Our surveyors and lawyers work collaboratively, with systems in place to ensure that the process is quicker, cost efficient and more seamless than outsourcing to a law firm. 

This is all about conscientious development. By serving a LON you optimise your development potential, now and in the future. Low cost action will prevent you paying the highest price – or not being able to develop your site at all.

GIA has many services to support the development process. We use LONs and other methods to help you deliver your development strategy – from new schemes to repurposing, the key is to always look ahead, to be proactive. 

Trusted advisors, innovative technology, and a specialist team.

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