GIA Pledges Scholarships

As part of Northumbria University’s Higher Education Without Barriers initiative, GIA has committed to funding scholarships for students of the built environment. Together with the university, we have created three new scholarships to support students from minority ethnic backgrounds interested in studying Architecture or Real Estate Surveying.

The scholarship initiative was proposed by Oliver Nicholson, Senior Associate Partner at GIA and alumnus of Northumbria’s Estate Management degree. He is a member of GIA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

“We hope the scholarships not only support students throughout their studies, but also assure prospective students that there are many fantastic companies in the real estate industry who are actively seeking to improve diversity and equity across their businesses. We hope our actions inspire others to create similar programmes and commitments in the industry.”

Sinéad Dartnell, HR Manager at GIA, comments:

“We strive to ensure that our 150-strong team is as diverse culturally as the personalities and skillset we have to offer. With a focus on how we can help to increase diversity across the real estate industry, the GIA Scholarship feels like the natural next step for us and something we are incredibly proud to be associated with.”

Simone Pagani, Senior Partner & Head of Daylight Department at GIA, added:

“We take pride in being innovative and creative, which is hugely enhanced by having a more diverse workforce. It is  evident that our industry needs to change and we look forward to playing a part in diversifying the sector.” 

Northumbria University’s Higher Education Without Barriers fund has raised more than £1.7 million in its first 12 months, creating 100 NEW scholarships, funding mental health and wellbeing services, and supporting community outreach with under-represented communities.

As the cost of living crisis threatens many applicants’ university aspirations – and Northumbria University’s hardship fund sees a 69% increase in requests from students from vulnerable backgrounds – this support has never been more vital and GIA is excited to be part of this journey.