Learning how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a case, in particular, responding to cross examination that focuses only on the weaknesses, was a notable takeaway from the course for Greg, whose newly acquired skills will only add further weight to his professional opinion and consultancy ability.

Due to the pandemic, the trainees had to finish the course via zoom, resulting in some interesting mock-up court setups at home, which again is testament to the industry’s ability to keep moving forward during these challenging times.

It’s certainly a different world than it was a few months ago: as remote connectivity lessens the emphasis on location and heightens the concept of flexibility,  Greg is embracing how the work and home balance will change going forwards.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Greg on this enormous achievement, not least whilst navigating the challenges of lockdown; with a particular, personal extension of thanks from Greg, to Manchester Managing Partner, Sam Wallis for his support throughout.

Greg is currently in the process of  seeking accreditation with the RICS dispute resolution service

For more information or if you require assistance on neighbourly disputes/ expert witness in the Northern Region or beyond, contact: / 07890535304.


Penny Harper is a Solicitor, Director of Legal Experience Training and Principal author of “The expert witness”.

Mark James is Barrister: Temple Garden Chambers, London and author of “Expert Evidence: Law and Practice