Bridging Innovation and Sustainability: Wind and Daylight Assessments Helping Transform UK Life Sciences

The life sciences sector in the UK is indisputably on the rise, endorsed in the recent Autumn budget where Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced a range of measures aimed at bolstering the sector.  In fact, UK life sciences is on a rapid upward trajectory and is central to the economic growth throughout the 2020s.  This growth is not only reshaping the sector itself but also transforming the real estate landscape that supports it, drawing in a heightened influx of capital, equity, and interest.

Chris Harley, Wind Director, recently attended Place North West’s Labs of the Future’ property update in Manchester, where a panel of experts delved into the current state of the market.  The discussions covered not only the evolving landscape of life science labs but also explored possibilities for retrofitting existing infrastructure and provided insights into addressing challenges related to achieving net-zero goals.

At GIA, we are currently witnessing a rise in instructions from developers, architects, and planners seeking our expertise in navigating the intricacies of development, including associated wind assessments that impact the public, the structural elements, and the internal building physics.

For the life sciences sector, our services range from external modelling such as exhaust dispersal and optimal flue design through to internal modelling of ventilation systems to meet the stringent requirements of these types of facilities.  This could be in isolation or as part of a wider offer to include analysis on atrium and daylight design to avoid direct sunlight or glare whilst also capturing BREEAM and similar accreditations.

Our advice and specialisms at GIA go beyond aerodynamics, and beyond lifesciences.  We offer support and specialist advice across traditional building surveying services and throughout the lifecycle of the asset be that data centres, laboratories or science parks.

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