Project Description

The Madison

Adjoining buildings were a sensitive consideration for this 53-story residential tower

The Madison GIA Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters

GIA was tasked with administering the Party Wall Act matters and Daylight and Sunlight consultancy, for the construction of this 53 Storey Tower incorporating a multi-storey basement on Marsh Wall.

In total 8 Awards were concluded, covering the proposed works in two phases; namely deep level drainage excavation, and subsequent piled basement excavation. Due to the sensitive use of the adjoining building as a university, consideration needed to be made to permissible working hours and noise generated from the works.

In the final analysis, an agreement over working methods was reached that accommodated both party’s needs, without significantly affecting contractor operations.

  • Daylight and Sunlight Consultancy
  • Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters
  • LBS
  • Make Architects

“GIA have excelled in helping the client and the Local Planning Authority understand the interdependencies and cumulative impacts associated with multiple tall buildings in close proximity to each other.”

Nick Crawford, LBS Properties Ltd

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